Future Rock - Sugar Coated Bullets CD

Formed in Chicago in early 2004, Future Rock pioneered a live sound incapable by most attempting to fuse rock with electronic dance elements.

Dance rock, as the indie world sees it today, is really just a revivalist effort to create a less pretentious version of late '70s and early '80s post-punk/new wave. Future Rock stands out from the current crowd of dance rockers for not just reinterpreting this sound, but for developing something sincere and original, setting the standard for the future of dance rock.

They have no particular set genre. Not just yet. With drums, bass, and keys creating the framework of their sound, Future Rock builds their breakbeat-driven grooves up through a collection of electronics - completely mastered by these geniuses of music theory.

Their live shows elicit blissful dancing chaos, and that energy recently found a new partner - the recording studio. The result: Future Rock has captured the finest of their electronic mastery on their debut album, Sugar Coated Bullets.

Already luxurious synthesizers, vintage keyboards, acoustic and electronic drums, and electric bass were run through a myriad of processors, effects and loops, creating an incredibly unique and refined sound. A self-recorded, self-produced album should come as no surprise - Future Rock has independently created a dedicated, underground following throughout the US at the heels of their blistering live performances.

Future Rock is:
Felix Moreno - bass
Mickey Kellerman - keyboards
Darren Heitz - drums

1- Airplane Traintracks mp3
2- Cosmos mp3
3- Broken Glass mp3
4- El Sueco mp3
5- She Is Waiting mp3
6- Manager's Special CD mp3
7- Azalea mp3
8- fm1 mp3
9- Zipper Front mp3
10- Narrow Bridge mp3
11- _BGB mp3
12- Me & Alfonso mp3
13- Suburban Portrait mp3
14- Dear Wendy Carlos mp3

Released May 9, 2006