Fruition - Watching It All Fall Apart CD


On their fifth full-length, Watching It All Fall Apart, Fruition transform pain and heartache into something truly glorious. With their songwriting sharper and more nuanced than ever before and their sonic palette more daringly expansive the Portland, Oregon-based band s full-hearted intensity ultimately gives the album a transcendent power. The songs are mostly breakup songs, says Asebroek. "There was love and now it s gone we f*cked it up, or some outside circumstance brought it to an end. It s about dealing with all that but still having hope in your heart, even if you re feeling a little lost and jaded."

In a departure from their usual DIY approach, Fruition teamed up with producer Tucker Martine (My Morning Jacket, The Decemberists, Modest Mouse) to adorn their folk-rooted sound with delicately crafted elements of psychedelia and soul. Showcasing the band's three singer-songwriters' (Jay Cobb Anderson, Kellen Asebroek, Mimi Naja) sublime harmonies they first discovered during an impromptu busking session in 2008, Watching It All Fall Apart finds them fully embracing their rock-and-roll sensibilities bringing a gritty vitality to each track.

Release date 02.02.2018