Fruition - Just One of Them Nights CD


''Whether the band is playing laid-back Americana or blitzing through a dizzying bluegrass number, there is something mesmerizing about Fruition.'' - Willamette Week

Featuring three-part harmonies and driving rhythms that blend raw, live energy with traditional Folk-Americana strings, Just One of Them Nights is a rockin' collection of songs capturing life on the road, memories of past lovers and the pursuit of adventure. Already selling out shows in their native Oregon, Fruition will be hitting the road and performing at major festivals across the country as well as throughout the Northwest and Colorado this summer. The band will also celebrate their new release with an intimate show at Music Millennium in Portland, OR. Just One of Them Nights includes eleven selections showcasing Fruition's string-slinging skills as well as their ability to ride the line between traditional bluegrass and Rock n' Roll. The first single from the album, ''Mountain Annie'' achieves a sound that is both new and familiar at the same time with Jay Cobb Anderson (vocals/guitar) weaving melodies with Mimi Naja (vocals/mandolin). ''Blue Light'' effortlessly transitions between a little bit country and a little bit Rock n' Roll with exhilarating string solos, while ''The Wanter,'' featuring Naja on lead vocals, will entice bluegrass purists to take notice.

Released in 2013