Frank Zappa - Goblins, Witches & Kings (2CD)


Released in May 1982, Frank Zappa's Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Witch - an album that included his biggest selling single ever, 'Valley Girl' - found 21 year old Steve Vai taking on 'impossible guitar parts' according to the album's credits, Zappa and his live band - including at this juncture Ray White on rhythm guitar and vocals, Steve Vai on guitars, Tommy Mars on keyboards, Bobby Martin on keyboards, sax and vocals, Ed Mann on percussion, Scott Thunes on bass and Chad Wackerman on drums, toured extensively in Europe during the early summer of '82, beginning in Denmark on 5th May and concluding in Italy on 14th July. One of the finest shows of the tour took place in Vienna on 28th June, a gig which was recorded for live FM broadcast and one that was synched too across a number of US platforms. With the group performing as tightly as a Zappa ensemble ever had, and a set-list to die for, this rarely heard performance is now available in its entirety on this 2 CD Set in near perfect quality.

Track Listing

Disc 1:

Strictly Genteel
Goblin Girl
The Black Page
Cocaine Decisions
Nig Biz
Sinister Footwear
Marqueson's Chicken
Tell Me You Love Me
Broken Hearts Are For Assholes
Drowning Witch
Disc 2:

Bamboozled By Love
Let's Move To Cleveland
Tinseltown Rebellion
Cosmik Debris
King Kong
Bobby Brown
Stevie's Spanking

Release date 05.10.2019