Either/Orchestra - The Calculus of Pleasure CD

Bandleader Gershon's "Benny Moten's Weird Nightmare," a bass clarinet feature for Douglas Yates, was nominated for a Grammy for Best Arrangement on an Instrumental. Bassist/composer Bob Nieske joined and began his major contribution to the E/O book, and the now-ten piece group (sans guitar) visited '50's classics from Horace Silver and Benny Golson, plus Julius Hemphill's "The Hard Blues." This 1990 recording best reflects the E/O's more intimate, jazz-combo side.

"The E/O pays tribute to the earlier masters not by mere re-creation but by redesigning the past to suit their future...consistently stimulating and very exciting: highly recommended" - Scott Yanow, L.A. Jazz Scene

"I like everything about this disc-the repertoire, the soloists, the influences, the album title, the generous timing (74-plus minutes), and even the graphic design." - Stuart Kremsky, Option Magazine

"So full of fire it's hot to the touch." - Andy Bartlett, Victory Review

Tom Halter, John Carlson, tp, flh;
Russell Jewell, Curtis Hasselbring, tb;
Douglas Yates, as, ss;
Russ Gershon, ts, ss;
Charlie Kohlhase, bar.s, as;
John Medeski, pn, or;
Bob Nieske, bs;
Matt Wilson, dms

1.Whisper Not
2.Bennie Moten's Weird Nightmare
3.Consenting Adults
5.Unnatural Pastime
6.The Hard Blues
7.Miles Away