Either/Orchestra - Dial 'E' CD

This is where it all began! In 1986, after their first season together, the E/O recorded Kenny Freundlich's New Orleans-style arrangement of "Doxy," Russ Gershon's take-off-your-clothes version of Roland Kirk's "Lady's Blues," a haunting, raucous group arrangement of Monk's "Brilliant Corners," and two of Gershon's early originals. Reveals the band's basic recipe: big-band lushness, combo agility and avant-pop experimentalism in an entertaining, witty package.

Top Ten for 1987: Boston Globe Jazz Critics

Tom Halter, Dave Ballou, tp;
Russell Jewell,Josh Roseman, tb;
Robb Rawlings, as;
Russ Gershon, ts;
Steve Norton, bar.s;
Kenny Freundlich, pn, DX7;
John Dirac, g;
Mike Rivard, bs;
Jerome Deupree, dms;
Also: Bob Seely, tp;
Dan Drexler, tp solos (2,5);
Bob Sinfonia, as (5);
Copley Cats, v (4).

2.Nicole is Always in Tokyo
3.Brilliant Corners
4.17 December
5.Lady's Blues