Either/Orchestra - Across The Omniverse (2 CDs)

A specially-priced two-CD collection, all previously unreleased material from the first ten years of the entertaining and innovative ten-piece jazz ensemble Either/Orchestra. Containing 22 tracks and 145 minutes of music, this is top quality material which simply did not fit on the highly prolific E/O's five albums to date. The sessions which produced all those albums are representedhere, ranging from the group's first studio session in 1986, to their most recent, in September 1995. Also included are two smoking live tracks, Born in a Suitcase featuring John Medeski at the nine-foot concert grand, and She's So Heavy. Across the Omniverse is a great introduction to the E/O, containing many fan favorites which have never been avalable on CD, and is the next in the series for fans who have earlier albums. Fabulous performances by ten years of band members including Matt Wilson, Charlie Kohlhase, Michael Rivard, Russ Gershon, John Dirac, John Carlson, Tom Halter, Douglas Yates, Curtis Hasselbring, Bob Nieske, etc. The 28 page booklet contains over a dozen pictures and reams of information, including two sets of liner notes, by Neil Tesser (from Chicago) and David Prince (from Santa Fe), program notes from bandleader Russ Gershon, and a list of every place the group has ever played!