Drew Emmitt - Long Road CD

Drew Emmitt, the dynamic lead singer and mandolin player from jamband Leftover Salmon, releases his third solo album, Long Road. Some of the hottest Americana, bluegrass, and jamband musicians around were recruited for the recording of Long Road. Each of the albumaEU(tm)s tracks is full of energy, great singing, fiery playing and infectious melodies. Long Road features eight original songs and three notable covers (SupertrampaEU(tm)s aEUoeLong Way HomeaEU, Marshall Tucker BandaEU(tm)s aEUoeTake The HighwayaEU and Van MorrisonaEU(tm)s aEUoeGypsy In My SoulaEU) and was produced by Drew and Compass Records co-founder Garry West.

Drew Emmitt - guitar, mandolin, vocals
Jeff Sipe - drums
Chris Pandolfi - banjo
Tyler Grant - acoustic guitar
Steven Sandifer - percussion
Eric Thorin - bass

Special Guests:
Billy Nershi
Tim O'Brien
Darrell Scott
John Cowan
Stuart Duncan
Alison Brown
Ronny McCoury
Andy Hall
Reese Wynans

1. Into The Distance 4:12 mp3 sample
2. Take the Long Way Home 4:06 mp3 sample
3. Gold Hill Line 3:03 mp3 sample
4. Beat Of The World 4:56 mp3 sample
5. Take The Highway 5:34 mp3 sample
6. Cloudy City 4:11 mp3 sample
7. Get Her Rollin' 3:55 mp3 sample
8. Long Road 4:31 mp3 sample
9. I'm Alive 5:25
10. Gypsy In My Soul 5:03
11. River's Risin' 7:00

Released July 15, 2008