DJ Spooky - Creation Rebel: Trojan Records Re-mixed CD

To help celebrate 40 years of Trojan Records, DJ Spooky has re-mixed, re-visioned, and re-versioned some of their finest classics! Creation Rebel is a mash-up of various sounds and styles from the label's rich archives. Spooky links current music production with older techniques pioneered by Trojan artists like King Tubby and U-Roy. By exploring the art of remixing, sampling, turntablism - all elements that can be traced back to dub - Spooky has created a mini-history of electronic music.Everybody says techno started in Detroit, and hip-hop came out of New York. Creation Rebel shows that maybe Jamaica got there first!

1. Creation Rebel - DJ Spooky meets Mad Professor & Rob Swift
2. Mr. Brown Remix - Bob Marley
3. Revolution Disco Dub - DJ Spooky meets Tapper Zukie
4. No No No Mix - Dawn Penn
5. Dis Poem Burns Babylon - Mutabaruka meets The Observers
6. Under Mi Sensi Remix - Barrington Levy
7. East of the River Nile Remix - Augustus Pablo
8. Dis Poem Burns Babylon [Version 2] - Mutabaruka meets The Upsetters
9. Freedom Reign - DJ Spooky presents Michael Rose
10. Soul Rebel Remix - Bob Marley
11. Under Mi Sleng Teng Remix - Wayne Smith
12. Mr. Brown [Acapella] - Bob Marley
13. Babylon Burning Dub - DJ Spooky vs The Observers
14. Dub of the Traveler [Bonus Beats] - Scientist

Released 10/16/07