Dirty River Ramblers - Ramble On CD


Formed on a shared passion for string music, The Dirty River Ramblers from Omaha build on the traditions of old time music and bluegrass. Featuring a close blend of vocal harmonies, and off the hip instrumental improvisation, the Ramblers will get your toes tapping with their homespun originals and their upbeat approach to the traditionals. The Dirty River Ramblers hail from Omaha, NE, and are eager to entertain you, so kick off your shoes and get Dirty! The Dirty River Ramblers debut album, features all original material.  Awarded best acoustic album by the National Traditional Music Council. 

Track Listing:

  1. Red Bird Stomp listen
  2. Copper Coil Daydream listen
  3. Take It Easy With My Heart listen
  4. Wally The Hound Dog listen
  5. Hippy Girl listen
  6. Carp Skin Boots listen
  7. Eliza Mae listen
  8. Lost Weekend listen
  9. Armadillo Shuffle listen
  10. Equal Parts Pleasure listen

Released 2013