Dirty River Ramblers - The Bus Sessions Vol. 1 CD


The Dirty River Ramblers hail from Omaha, NE, and are eager to entertain you, so kick off your shoes and get Dirty! The act is made up of some of the finest musicians in the midwest. The line-up includes Justin Kephart, Josh Krohn, Chris Hunke, Mace Hathaway The Dirty River Ramblers sophomore release adds fifth member Josh Corrigan to the lineup. Built like a bluegrass band, the Ramblers cover a wide range of genres, from old-time to jam-rock, combining improvisational soloing with tight vocal harmonies. The band is now on a mission to share this music as widely as possible. Recorded as a live session on board the Ramblers' tour bus, this album includes a mix of traditional and original content.

Track Listing:

  1. Minnesota Cabin listen
  2. Lost Weekend listen
  3. Drinkin' Old Joe's Cabbage listen
  4. Carp Skin Boots listen
  5. Copper Oil Daydreams listen
  6. Rustle Jones listen
  7. Wally The Hound Dog listen
  8. Rueben's Train listen
  9. Trouble County Line listen

Released 2014