Delta Nove - The Future Is When CD

Long Beach, California's Delta Nove bring the fun and the funk on this release! The six-piece band brings together magnetic funk grooves and steely musicianship, letting their talent attract molecules from the worlds of Afrobeat, Latin, Funk, Soul, R&B, Rock, and beyond. Above all, this music is about having a good time, and Delta Nove never lets the energy meter relax for the whole of this record!

1- Get On Down mp3
2- Hard Times mp3
3- Frog n Toad mp3
4- Calunga mp3
5- Maraca Eu mp3
6- Sighing And Waiting mp3
7- Giacomo mp3
8- Don't Burn The Beans mp3
9- Deception mp3
10- Liberdade mp3
11- Tororo mp3
12- Bongo Bong mp3
13- The Future Is When? mp3

Released 6/6/06