Darrell Scott - The Invisible Man CD


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Darrell Scott's The Invisible Man is full of his exemplary multi-instrumentalism. Scott (a Grammy nominee and ASCAP’s 2002 Songwriter of the Year) has assembled an impressive team of players which lent itself perfectly to the album's without-a-net recording regimen. With remarkable songs performed by smart, seasoned musicians, The Invisible Man is a record that stands prodly among the fields of acoustic music.

Darrell Scott - acoustic & electric guitar, accordion, mandolin, weissenborn slide, keyboard, bass mbira, lap steel, banjolin, piano, and more; also featuring Danny Thompson, Kenny Malone, Tim O'Brien, Sam Bush, John Cowan, Dirk Powell, and many others.

1- Hank Williams' Ghost mp3
2- There's A Stone Around My Belly mp3
3- Shattered Cross mp3
4- I'm Nobody mp3
5- And The River Is Me mp3
6- Let's Call It A Life mp3
7- The Dreamer mp3
8- Do It Or Die Trying mp3
9- The Invisible Man mp3
10- Goodle, USA mp3
11- Looking Glass mp3
12- In My Final Hour mp3

Released 6/13/06