The Waybacks & Friends - One Way or Another CD


The Lucky 13th release in the Album Hour series, and superstition did not disappoint... this project originated as a live recording on the Hillside at Merlefest 2022, but digital gremlins left the band with only a few bits of recorded material.

In response, the amazing Album Hour Family sprang into action! Everyone involved in the project wanted to see it to completion, so ALL of the original live participants headed off to recording studios around the country and played the songs a second time, and then the band combined original salvaged live tracks with their brand new studio creations to assemble 80 minutes of music that might just be better than the original Hillside love-fest. And we think you might like it too!

Sam Bush, Jens Kruger, Darrell Scott, Jim Lauderdale, Red Young, Noah Wall, Hubby Jenkins, Mason Via... they're all here, playing every track from "Workingman's Dead," along with over two dozen additional songs we wove in to make this Americana classic something you've truly never heard before.

One Way Or Another... indeed!

01. Uncle John's Band / He's Gone

02. High Time

03. Dire Wolf

04. New Speedway Boogie / Jack Straw

05. Cumberland Blues

06. Black Peter / Brokedown Palace

07. Easy Wind

08. Slipknot / Casey Jones

09. Ripple / Touch Of Grey