Colonel Bruce Hampton - Arkansas CD

An experimental music milestone! This album, originally released in 1987, must have confused quite a few people!
Col. Bruce's philosophy (or anti-philosophy) of "outertainment" is not found in a more powerful strength than this!
Rocking tunes, words that don't mean anything, and highly improvised music make this CD a fine entry in the journal
of creative anarchy! Features Tinsley Ellis, T Lavitz, Jeff Sipe, Jimmy Herring, Jeff Mosier, Oteil Burbridge, and more.

Track List:
1- Arkansas
2- Elevator to the Moon
3- Throndosull
4- Brato Ganibe
5- Strange Voices
6- Fixin' to Die
7- Basically Frightened
8- Mr. Kane
9- Zumpano's Retreat
10- Baseball Tickets
11- Morgan
12- Cold Mountain