Col. Bruce Hampton & The Late Bronze Age - Outside Looking Out CD

What can be said about Col. Bruce Hampton that makes any sense at all? The southern musical genius has been making indescribable yet deeply rooted music for decades. This re-issue of the 1980 album "Outside Looking Out" is sure to open countless eyes to some of the only good music to come from that brain-dead decade.

1- NCO Housing
2- King Greed
3- A Stained Soul Cringes At The Small Details In The Mirror Of Embarassment
4- Fat Brooms Brush The Number Bush
5- Farmers Earn Livings
6- The Late Bronze Age
7- Pen Pals Diminished
8- When In Doubt Go Completely Out...Or Do Something Familiar
9- Merged Moons
10- Rehearsals For Fainting
11- Seven Men In A Bazooka