Col. Bruce Hampton & The Quark Alliance - Give Thanks to Chank CD

Musical provacateur Col. Bruce Hampton has joined The Quark Alliance to release Give Thanks to Chank, a collection of all new songs written by the Colonel and guitarist Jeff Caldwell. It is a mix of blues, jazz, funk, and weirdness that shakes the walls and rattles the brain. The album also features live performances with Motown B-3 organ master Ike Stubblefield and jazz guitar great Grant Green Jr.

Col. Bruce has been a part of the Southern music scene since the 1960's, fronting such acts as The Hampton Grease Band, Aquarium Rescue Unit, and Fiji Mariners. Jeff Caldwell has taught at the Musicians Institute in California with John Frusciante and Jimmy Herring. He's also played with George Clinton. Drummer Mark Letalien, and alumni of the Institute, has been teaching, touring, and recording for the past twenty years. Bassist Kris Dale has played in many touring bands and, along the way, picked up pedal steel guitar and recorded the theme song for Adult Swim's "Squidbillies."

1. You Hold Me The Best
2. Give Thanks To Chank
3. Got You Covered
4. Susan T
5. Open The Door
6. Perfect Canadian
7. I m Not Listening
8. Dickinson Boys
9. It s Not Over
10. Nicole
11. The Den
12. Talk So Loud
13. All Simplicity
14. Threnody To The Victims Of Louisiana

Released Nov. 13, 2007