Charlie Wheeler Trio - Rewind CD


The hills of Northern PA are an unforgiving place. Hailing from a small town called Ridgway, PA, the CW3 exudes a toughness and desperation that can only be cultivated in the working class environs from which they hail. Their muscular brand of hard driving groove-rock is reminiscent of the Black Crowes and The Allman Brothers Band, coupled with the blunt force of Pearl Jam.

Powered by the rhythm section of Rad Akers on Drums (Big Leg Emma) and Dave Fink on Bass (That Dog In Egypt), Charlie Wheeler describes his trio as a "song first" type of band. While expansive, improvisational jamming is a key component to their live show, their third album "Rewind" is a solid group of structured songs which allow Wheeler to tear into his vocal and lead guitar work with reckless, pent up hostility.

“There is always room for this type of straight ahead rock and roll. Charlie plays with such emotion and passion that is is impossible not to pay attention” - DJ Bob Felberg, WVOF FM

Track Listing

  1. Love Letter listen
  2. Semi Good Lookin’ listen
  3. Big City Blues listen
  4. Rewind listen
  5. Back To Frisco Bay listen
  6. Makin’ Love In The Afternoon listen
  7. River’s Gonna Rise listen
  8. I Like To Wander listen
  9. Love Comes Tumblin’’ Down listen
  10. Lady Luck listen
  11. The Ghost of Who You Were listen
  12. So Glad To Be Here listen

Release Date 03.31.15