Charlie Wheeler Band - Blues Karma and the Kitchen Sink CD


The Charlie Wheeler Band comes roaring out of the studio with their 4th full length CD Blues Karma and the Kitchen Sink. True to their style, Charlie Wheeler offers songs that keep your blood pumping, your foot tapping and your body moving. Hailing from Western PA, the band exudes a muscular brand of blues rock reminiscent of Gov't Mule or the Black Crowes. As always, you'll be singing along with Charlie's catchy, story-driven lyrics that are carefully crafted.

This high flying power trio is driven by the monster beats of Rad Akers (Big Leg Emma) on the drums and the relentless low end of Dave Fink (That Dog in Egypt) on the bass. It's hard to find three guys that can full up a space with more music. If you are looking for the definitive CD to get you through a road trip or a workout, look no further than the Charlie Wheeler Band's Blues Karma and the Kitchen Sink.

Track List:

  1. People Keep on Talkin' listen
  2. Shiver listen
  3. Choir of 1000 Angels listen
  4. One of These Days listen
  5. Flicker Away listen
  6. Never Can Tell listen
  7. Darlene listen
  8. Promise of Daylight listen
  9. Love Gets in the Way listen
  10. Love You the Same listen
  11. Follow Me Down listen
  12. Butterfly listen

Release date 10.07.2016