Brian Stoltz - God, Guns, and Money CD

One of the funkiest guitarists on the planet takes a detour into no-nonsense blues rock on this album! Socially conscious lyrics and genuine New Orleans-flavored rhythms make the album especially poignant, as Stoltz' guitar darts around Meters-influenced funk ("God, Guns, And Money," "Downtown"), eerie shuffling blues ("What is Real," "Opposite Sides Of The War"), grinding rock burners ("The Greatest Armed Robbery In History") and soaring slow jams. The cajun flavor of "Still Some Sense Left In the World" and the downtempo moan of "Chicken Hawk" show the guitarist's inherent bayou influences.

1- God, Guns, & Money mp3
2- War Song mp3
3- What Is Real? mp3
4- Opposite Sides Of The War mp3
5- The Greatest Armed Robbery In History mp3
6- Still Some Sense Left In The World mp3
7- Downtown mp3
8- Chicken Hawk mp3
9- This Christmas mp3
10- God, Guns, & Money Pt. 2 mp3