Brian Stoltz - Up All Night (2 CDs)

One of New Orleans' premier guitarists, Brian Stoltz has defined the city's funk guitar sound for several decades as a longtime cohort of the Neville Brothers, The Meters, and Dr. John. He has, in equal measure, based his career on virtuosity, raw emotion and a funky, yet blistering signature style. Stoltz has gained a reputation as a masterful and progressive singer/songwriter/guitarist whose music has centered around his melodic and fluent fretboard mastery as well as a skill for powerful, emotional songwriting.

On Up All Night, fans get to hear the pure blues power and songwriting that crackles like fire in the live setting. Recorded at Alligator Alley in Oakland Park, FL in September of 2006, this double disc set finds the four-piece blues and rock band setting the night on fire!

1 I Been Up All Night 06:39 mp3
2 Norma's House 07:18 mp3
3 Sugar For Me 06:22 mp3
4 Seven Desires 12:53 mp3
5 What Is Real? 07:28 mp3
6 God, Guns and Money 05:58 mp3
7 Voodoo 10:50 mp3
1 My Debbie Lou 06:00
2 Hoodoo Thing 08:24
3 War Song 08:07
4 I Been Hoodood 11:00
5 Ring of Fire 06:18
6 Funky Miracle / Rainy Day Women 09:07
7 All Along the Watchtower 05:16

Released 2007