Bonerama - Live From New York CD

Using a frontline of four trombones as the basis for a fiery style of rock and roll, Bonerama shines on this energetic live recording from NYC! With a stash of ferocious originals as well as covers by Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, and The Allman brothers Band, these guys put on one of the best shows you'll ever see. This CD bottles that bombast, bringing the listener a wall-shaking experience born of New Orleans musical mutations.

1 Baronne 05:19 mp3
2 It Don't Mean Nothin' 06:06 mp3
3 Chilcock 07:39 mp3
4 Shake Your Rugalator 06:56 mp3
5 Whipping Post 08:01 mp3
6 The Wizard 03:30 mp3
7 Less Is More 05:18 mp3
8 It's Electric 04:36 mp3
9 Crosstown Traffic 06:17
10 Bone Up 05:07
11 Blackout in New York City 05:35
12 Chemical Assistance 04:12
13 War Pigs 08:42

Released 2005