Blues Traveler - Bastardos! CD

This tireless outfit just keeps on wandering! Expect the unexpected on this disc, as Blues Traveler offers up a lengthy set of ideas here. There's rollicking choruses driven by John Popper's inimitable vocals, intelligent instrumental breakdowns, frenzied soloing, and moods that range from cathartic rock bombast to vibrant balladry to foreboding swaths of sound. They've been around for well over a decade, but their willingness to explore never rests.

1. You Can't Stop Thinking About Me mp3
2. Amber Awaits mp3
3. After What mp3
4. Money Back Guarantee mp3
5. Can't Win True Love mp3
6. Nail mp3
7. Leaning In mp3
8. She And I mp3
9. Rubberneck mp3
10. Nefertiti mp3
11. What Could Possibly Go Wrong mp3
12. That Which Doesn't Kill You mp3
13. She Isn't Mine mp3
14. The Children Of The Night mp3