Asylum Street Spankers - Spanks For The Memories CD

The classic Spanker lineup is here and their minimalist instrumentation is amplified by sheer desire and passion. With a style impossible to define, just forget your preconceptions and dig this natural American sound!

1. Intro mp3
2. If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day mp3
3. Superchief mp3
4. Song With No @Words mp3
5. Intro mp3
6. Lee Harvey mp3
7. I'll See You in My Dreams mp3
8. Hesitation Blues mp3
9. Startin' to Hate Country mp3
10. Walkin' and Whistlin' Blues mp3
11. Shave "em Dry
12. Brazil
13. Tradewinds
14. Intro
15. Funny Cigarette
16. Hometown Boy
17. Balck Eyed Blues
18. Drunkard's Wave

Released Nov. 1996