Asylum Street Spankers - God's Favorite Band CD

Austin's iconic postmodern jug band takes a wide left turn with the world's first agnostic gospel album. Mixing raucous old traditionals with wryly humanistic originals from co-bandleader Wammo, the all-acoustic roots mob pays homage to one of America's seminal musical styles while staking out a theology of healthy skepticism leavened with tolerance. Taking a turn in the producer's chair, co-bandleader Christina Marrs decided to feature the group's incredible vocal technique: not only did she and Wammo record their best lead vocals to date, all five vocalists shine in rhythmically intricate and harmonically varied group arrangements. With special appearances from emeritus band members Guy Forsyth and Stanley Smith, "God's Favorite Band" is a witty, warm collection of wonderful songs, joyously sung.

Release date 10.6.2009