ALO - Silver Saturdays CD


This is what happens when the band doesn't break up: a lifetime of shared effort and camaraderie coming to fruition. Master collaborators at the peak of their craft with near-telepathic cohesion. Silver Saturdays features 10 new songs that pay homage to a 25-year journey. All 4 members lend their distinctive vocals. Their concise, meticulously crafted songwriting is interwoven with Lebo's soaring guitar. Gill's tasty keyboard and Adams' bass married to Lipp's rhythmic flourishes.

1 Make It Back Home

2 Oil

3 Sparrow

4 Hot Damn

5 Keep on Giving Jane

6 Growing Your Hands Back

7 Rewind

8 Rare Air

9 Divine Fall

10 Goodnight Song

Release date 03.10.2023


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