ALO - Fly Between Falls CD

The West Coast's ALO (Animal Liberation Orchestra) cap off a year of extensive touring with the release of their fourth LP, Fly Between Falls in the Fall of 2004. Over the course of this ten-song set, Steve Adams, David Brogan, Zach Gill and Dan Lebowitz apply the full force of the band's collective consciousness to weave quirky California soul with shapeshifting jams, introspective lyrics with sun-soaked funk, all infused with the uplifting vibe that ALO's ever-growing legions of fans live for.

Singer/surf-rider/superstar Jack Johnson lends his unmistakable voice to "Girl, I Wanna Lay You Down", an ALO song that he's been performing regularly on his 2003 and 2004 tours. By tossing "Girl" and other cleverly crafted, radio friendly tunes like "Barbeque" and "Spectrum" into the mix with psychedelic brain-splitters like "Shapeshifter" and "The Gardener," Fly Between Falls leaves jam connoisseurs and pop consumers equally impressed.

1- Barbeque mp3
2- Possibly Drown mp3
3- Pobrecito mp3
4- Girl, I Wanna Lay You Down mp3
5- Spectrum mp3
6- Shapeshifter mp3
7- The Gardener mp3
8- Waiting For Jaden mp3
9- Fly mp3
10- Wasting Time (Isla Vista Song) mp3