Show Reviews

Posted by: leeway | October 4th, 2011
This year’s MOTM took place at the gorgeous Grandfather Mountain Campground near Boon, NC.
Posted by: admin | September 13th, 2011
Check out photos from this year's Camp Barefoot 5: which featured an exhaustive & comprehensive collection of artists, plucked from varying genres and styles. Fans of funk, electronic, bluegrass, and...
Posted by: admin | September 6th, 2011
For 10 years Floydfest has given people an immersed diversity of culture, art and music that has broadened the minds and souls of all who have attended.
Posted by: leeway | August 30th, 2011
Big Daddy Love kicks out a nice mix of bluegrass, rock and exuberant swagger for a free Friday night show in Greensboro.
Posted by: trevor | August 2nd, 2011
The 15th annual All Good music festival once again showed us just what it means to be ALL GOOD. Being “All Good” not only signifies the feelings you get when attending but I believe it also represents the...
My Five Favorite Sets - All Good Music Festival – Masontown, WV – July 14-17, 2011
Posted by: trevor | July 25th, 2011
The list of bands at most festivals usually includes a chunk of bands you’ve probably not heard of, and these lists likely include a chunk of filler you just aren’t going to entirely enjoy once they crank up....
Posted by: leeway | June 9th, 2011
Over the last 8 years, the kind folks at Telepathic Productions have produced a series of rowdy, off-kilter “Spring Flings” that have provided a wealth of memories and crazy experiences to past attendees.
Posted by: admin | May 23rd, 2011
For 6 consecutive years the Aiken Bluegrass Festival has delivered an awe-inspiring array of grass roots music for a great cause. This festival has worked hand in hand with STAR Riding, a non-profit...
Posted by: admin | April 25th, 2011
Groove in the Holler, with a dose of hijinks and hilarity, proves to be an excellent weekend of musical camaraderie and cross-pollination.
Posted by: admin | April 18th, 2011
The Mantras shred Greensboro with a long-awaited "homecoming" show at the Blind Tiger.