Dangermuffin at Blackstock Music Festival

Dangermuffin's set review at this years Blackstock music festival

Dangermuffin, an Americana/folk trio from Folly Beach, S.C., played an early afternoon set on Saturday of Blackstock Music Festival. One of my most anticipated shows of the weekend, it was an upbeat performance framed by an overcast sky and cool breeze.

Band members include Dan Lotti (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), Mike Sivilli (vocals, electric guitar), and Steven Sandifer (vocals, drums). They’ve got a record coming out in a few weeks, and they played us one of their new songs, called “Snakecharmer”. Named after a 4-foot snake that had taken up residence in their pantry in Asheville, the track reminded me of a samba, played with Dangermuffin’s characteristic enthusiasm.

This band’s sound can’t really be categorized. It includes numbers ranging from island-inspired jams to barn-raising bluegrass anthems. Hitch Lotti’s full, but slightly raspy voice to the stockpile, and you wind up with a real good time.

“Sea Funk”, off of Olly Oxen Free (Home Grown Music Network’s 2012 Album of the Year), showed off the band’s skill at manipulating rhythm, employing an atypical time signature and syncopated melody as part of its hook.

“Moonscapes” and “Walk Into the Wind”, lyrical treasures off the previous album Moonscapes, took me back to seeing the guys play intimate gatherings in small venues down in Southwest Virginia. These days, they’re touring all over the East Coast and playing major festivals. Catch Dangermuffin live now and download all past releases for free from the band’s website.

- Thandiwe Ogbonna