The Motet - Live

The Motet wants nothing more than to make your body gyrate uncontrollably. This is apparent from the opening percussion melee that starts their third album, Live. This is not just a bunch of guys pounding on drums though. The band has actually traveled far and wide to study percussion.
The Motet exhibits boundless soul, crafty songwriting, and high-caliber instrumental prowess throughout the album, which was recorded this past March on the west coast. Lead vocalist Jans Ingber's voice is a confident blend of street soul and tribal intonation that curls nicely around the ubiquitous blend of keys, bass, guitar, percussion, and drumset. "Know Her" is a smooth showcase for Ingber, and the music drifts gracefully into near improvisation before returning to the main melody with a flourish. Extraordinary drummer Dave Watts and percussionist Scott Messersmith make it easy for keyboardist Greg Raymond and guitarist Mike Tiernan to lay down fusionoid harmony lines while bassist Paul McDaniel has unlimited freedom to wander all over the low end.

"The Archer or The Arrow" is probably the best track on the disc with its enchanting melody and delirious percussion. The influences that weave their way into the African rhythms range from New Orleans funk ("Scribbitts") to Motown ("Know Her") and ancient chants ("Rumba Pa Los Santos"), shiny world-pop ("Aquelle Esquina") to utterly American grooves ("Belly"). Live shows why the concert environment is the most fruitful for highly talented bands like The Motet.

--Bryan Rodgers