The Freeway Revival - Revolution Road

The Freeway Revival burst out of Asheville with their debut album in 2016 with a funky and soulful roots rock sound that quickly won them a devoted fanbase.

With a classic rock lineup of two guitars, keyboards, bass and drums, listeners were enraptured by their superb songwriting, imaginative arrangements and expert musicianship. Their new album "Revolution Road" sweeps you away on a wild ride through a world crackling with funky grooves, exploratory jams and glorious musical peaks. This upbeat and joyful album flows in unexpected directions that still feel natural, with songs weaving between sections organically and tastefully. Triumphant vocals soar above chunky guitars and sweetly blended four-part vocal harmonies to lend their exploratory jams a sense of muscle and movement.

From the first notes of the opener "Goodbye", a powerful vibration blasts from the speakers signaling the arrival of a crisp and energetic experience. Luscious bass lines swirl amid clever percussive accents and memorable melodies before a huge guitar solo emanates above a slick and groovy bed of sound. Spirited organ solos take the lead on "Soul Survivor", with guitar and bass lines locking together to forge an iron-strong foundation. A moment to relax presents itself with the casual loping groove of "Rise", a song slow in tempo but brimming with spirit and substance. The screaming yet stylish guitar solo perfectly illustrates their instinct to play in service of the song rather than simply shredding for its own sake.

The band two-steps over to a barn dance for the bouncy country cadence of "Wanderin'", building up to a frantic pace with passionate guitar runs alongside playful old-time barroom piano outbursts. The album takes a leisurely turn with the slow heavy rhythm of "Sense of Wonder" and the gorgeous gradual changes of "Even if it Rains" before building up to a huge crescendo of uplifting rhythmic funk on the album closer "Crickets." The Freeway Revival has unleashed an admirable and sonically satisfying sophomore album full of energy, exuberance and easy-going jams that is sure to cement their spot in the hearts and playlists of many a music fan.

- Paul Kerr