The Freeway Revival - Revolution Road CD


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What's in a name? Sometimes nothing, and sometimes everything. In the case of The Freeway Revival, the latter certainly seems to ring true. Theirs is music that was born from the energy and the spirit that comes from a life spent on the road, and the packed tour schedule they have maintained since their inception has strengthened their sound- a healthy mix of guitar driven soul and rock n roll with a flare of psychedelic, complimented by four part vocal harmonies.

The biggest proof of this is in the new album. "A lot of it is about our personal experiences, and our portrayal of the current American landscape. But more than that, it's about the expression of freedom and living truthfully. It's about being kind and authentic to others and in return taking that vibe and projecting it in our music" Kenny explains. "That's why we called it Revolution Road. It's not as much a revolt against something as it is a celebration of keeping the wheels turning towards the positive things in life now and in the future."

"We've weathered some delays in terms of the recording process, all in the name of putting the best version of this vision to tape. Toss in the fact that we are on the road constantly, and it all gets a touch overwhelming", says Adam. "We are extremely happy with the outcome of the record, and we tip our hat to producer Matt Hueneman who wasn't afraid to send us back to the woodshed during the recording process in search of excellence."

"A well-written, superbly played collection, the album displays the group's distinctive character... Listeners who appreciated Delaney & Bonnie in the '70s -- or who enjoy the Tedeschi Trucks Band today -- will find a similarly eclectic and soulful mindset at work in the music of The Freeway Revival... If Spin Doctors had written less gimmicky tunes with stronger melodies back in the '90s, they might have sounded a bit like The Freeway Revival... Armed with its unique set of assets, The Freeway Revival seems poised for wider recognition."
- Bill Kopp - music journalist, historian, author

"As one listens to Asheville-based The Freeway Revival.. you're gonna hear a little bit of everything we've grown up with-the Allmans, Garcia-era Dead,  Dylan, on up thru the likes of Gov't Mule, the CRB, and Tedeschi-Trucks on today's scene.  We don't want to call them "Southern rock," because, although they have Southern roots, this music is much, much more... Their incredible musicianship, collaborative songwriting and spot-on harmony arrangements make this set special."
- Sheryl and Don Crow - Nashville Blues Society

"The Freeway Revival is a five-piece roots rock band from Asheville, NC, that prides itself on powerful lyrics and harmonies often lost in the larger jam scene. Their first full length release, the 11-track "Revolution Road," is a high-energy infusion of ripping blues licks, funky keyboard trills, smooth, welcoming vocals, and poignant stories perfectly accented by unique and impressive instrumentation...  "Sense of Wonder" and "Angel in Rymes" echo early String Cheese in a way that is fresh and innovative, but also familiar and exciting to hear again."
- The Jamwich


  1. Goodbye 06:10 listen
  2. Soul Survivor 05:19 listen
  3. Rise 05:06 listen
  4. Wise Up 05:45 listen
  5. Peace 08:02 listen
  6. Wanderin' 05:53 listen
  7. Sense of Wonder 05:23 listen
  8. Even If It Rains 05:28 listen
  9. Angel In Rhymes 04:50 listen
  10. When It Breaks 05:14 listen
  11. Crickets 07:46 listen