Either/Orchestra - Afro-Cubism

The Either Orchestra says more with their instruments then words could every say in their new album, Afro-Cubism. The ten piece group combines all their musical talent with their creativity into a 42 minute, 6 track, piece of genius. The classical but jazz-like sound they produce is a testament to their powerful instruments and intuitive ideas.
The album has the same general feel to it throughout, however each song has something special to it that will get you hooked. The first track, Harvey's Entrance, features a creative trumpet solo by Tom Halter. Blue Attitude, the second track, includes a soulful solo on the trumpet as well by Colin Fisher. Soul Song is exactly that, a slow but powerful song that with capture you in it as it moves along. Look to the Lion is a slower but inspiring combination of the entire orchestra. Yezoned Yohaed is basically a continuation of Look to the Lion, with a little different, more upbeat rhythm to it. The final track, Don't Bother Me/ No Me Molesta, is the perfect ending with an upbeat, dance-like song in which would be perfect in a Mafia movie party scene.

Afro-Cubism is a great album if you have any liking for jazz or classical music. The record is the perfect thing to put in your CD player, kick off your shoes, and just relax for an hour. I would suggest this album for anyone that likes something a bit different once in a while. Overall, it is a solid record.

- by Brian Kostek