Dubconscious - Nonviolent CD

Dubconscious’ Nonviolent is superb, well written, thoughtful, socially and environmentally conscious, and it deserves your attention.

I passionately recommend this album, because it is a work that will stand the test of time, rather than falling to the cemetery of albums that only get a spin or two before being forgotten in some dark and dusty corner. Another rarity is that this isn't a band that just talks the talk. Their world-wise philosophy extends into their active use of sustainable resources during tours and the push for existing in a world that will leave a better platform for upcoming generations to thrive upon.

Dubconscious' sound is firmly and knowledgeably rooted in a Dub-Reggae format, with touches of Middle-Eastern and Afro-Beat infusions on various songs. Adrian Zelski's distinctive vocals are equal parts strength and compassion, and the group's dub breakdowns are mind-meltingly addictive; Solomon Wright's bass lines are likewise intoxicating and a powerful hinge pin in the formation of these delicious dubs. Dubconscious' live dubs often honor the forefathers of Dub Reggae, while their unique creations are on par with those innovators they regularly sample from.

The band's progressive and thoughtful message can be summed through a line from the second track on this album, "Words of Tomorrow." The line reads, "I hope the words of tomorrow do not contain the mistakes of today." Progressive thought only leads to progressive action when a conscious effort is made to change the status quo. Dubconscious has the gift and responsibility-laden honor of bringing this spirited and meaningful message to its audiences. One comes away from a Dubconscious recording, or show, with the feeling that anything is truly possible, simply by recognizing the need for growth, and beginning to act and live in a way that will make this new reality manifest. Few bands forward such a positive outlook so consistently and with such creative musical prowess.

Needless to say, I am a fan of Dubconscious. I kick myself for the shows I've missed, and I rank the shows I've seen as some of the highlights of my concert experiences; they are truly valuable memories. But, that doesn't mean I will just offhandedly recommend anything any band decides to release to the public. Lucky for me, I can recommend all of their albums with a clear conscience, and Nonviolent is another obvious recommendation from their growing catalogue. The future bodes well, with bands like Dubconscious helping to reshape social ideologies, both through message and through action.

-by Jeremy Sanchez