Dubconscious - Realization (2 CDs)

A double live album from one of America's most progressive dub/reggae acts! The sextet gathered with a crowd of 300 fans at Atlanta's Tree Sound Studios, and recorded live directly to the famed "Studio A" control room which has seen the likes of Elton John, Andre 3000, Trey Anastasio, REM, and more. The band spent a year blending the live show with world-class studio tools to create a unique and quality album.

Disc 1:
Realization mp3
Wise Man Say mp3
Under The Weather mp3
Past Tense > Wishful Thinking mp3
Better Still/Better Dub mp3
Circulation mp3
Breathe It Live It mp3
Hear Who Knows mp3

Disc 2:
Near Life Experience
Communication Gap
American Dream

Released 2006