Dubconscious - Word Of Life CD

The first CD from this Athens, GA band, released in 2003. Dubconscious adds a truly unique feel to the universally loved sound of reggae that bends the knees and broadens the listener's idea of modern music.

A unique roots reggae influenced and dub heavy band, Dubconscious brings multiple vocalists and a solid jazz guitar to a worldly, ethnic and danceable base. Influences include King Tubby, Lee Perry, Burning Spear, The Abyssinians, Ernest Ranglin, Augustus Pablo, The Gladiators, and The Upsetters to name a few. Their overall goal is to uplift spirits while bringing celebration and social awareness, via music. Dubconscious is striving to be a part of reggae music's evolution, while leaving their own mark on the genre.

1. Whole of the World mp3
2. Energy on Foundry mp3
3. Once or Twice Remembered mp3
4. Listening (now) mp3
5. Who's Afraid of the Light mp3
6. Deliveration mp3
7. Past Tense mp3
8. Retrain Monkey Brain mp3
9. Closer Than TV mp3
10. Stop WWIII mp3
11. Aim Positive mp3
12. Circulation mp3
13. Bringers of the Vibration mp3
14. It May It Set You Free mp3