Logic, Molitz, and Freekbass

Debut performance on Saturday, January 23 in Cincinnati,OH at Play By Play Cafe. www.playbyplaycafe.com

A band so new, it is not yet named. "Logic's smokin' beats, with Freekbass' funky basslines, is topped off with Molitz otherworldly keyboards."

FreekbassThe Church of Universal Love and Music held their annual Funk festival over the summer and it featured some of the greatest funk musicians touring right now. This year, Freekbass met up with Steve Molitz, keyboard player for Particle, and turntablist, DJ Logic. Freekbass and Molitz joined DJ Logic onstage for a crazy jam that did not focus on any particular song. The energy was so high and the vibes so good, the three decided that they needed to get together with more frequency, and have tentatively begun to get a band together. The band hopes to tour together late winter and Spring of 2010.

Chris "Freekbass" Sherman says of the meeting, "It turned out to be one of those magical SteveMolitzmusical moments, so we decided to do some full shows together." Because of the way that the audience was an integral part of the initial jam, they felt strongly that the audience should be involved with the creation and naming of the band. So we are asking people that are interested to go to Twitter and answer "Name the new DJ Logic, Steve Molitz, Freekbass groove project. Tweet using the hashtag #logicmolitzfreek. Or hit Logic and Freekbass directly at http://twitter.com/projectlogic and/or http://twitter.com/freekbass. The person whose name is chosen will be on the Lifetime-Guestlist to this "yet to be named band's" shows.