DJ Logic - Zen of Logic CD

Beats meets west as one of the world's most accomplished turntabilists returns with the long awaited follow up to 2002's The Anomaly. Produced by longtime collaborator Scotty Hard (Wu-Tang, Prince Paul) Zen of Logic travels down many paths, all linked by two turntables and a mixer. From afro-dub (featuring Antibalas), ghetto funk (featuring John Medeski), "what-is-jazz" (featuring Charlie Hunter), and back handed hip-hop (with MCs SubConscious and Creature), Logic has crated a modern day mix-up masterpiece that will please all mad (ipod) shufflers.

Guests include Charlie Hunter, Melvin Gibbs, John Medeski, Brahim Fribgane, Chris Brown, and more.

1. Peace Y'All (I am in the House) mp3
2. 9th Ward Blues mp3
3. Balifon Planet mp3
4. Hypnotic mp3
5. Interlude #1 mp3
6. Simmer Slow mp3
7. Afro Beat mp3
8. One Time mp3
9. Something Distant mp3
10. Hope Road mp3
11. Smackness mp3
12. Interlude #2 mp3
13. Rat Pack mp3
14. Holding Down mp3

Released 7/11/06