Ten Ton Chicken

Ten Ton Chicken is a Berkeley, CA based band that plays original music with elements of jam, Americana, funk, soul, humor, prog, weed, squirrels, Howard, Apetor, and the Browns. Underlying their appeal is a naive positivity and affect-free songcraft that has touched upon topics as deep as scamming friends, second cousins, midgets, the sun, aliens, and a dude in China who stops people from jumping off a bridge. Despite the loose associations and tendency to solo from the hip, this band is tight and their songs deceptive in their easy complexity. 

Having weathered a considerable reconfiguration, the band delivers Our Green World, their fourth full-length, as a pithy and satisfying nugget to chew and ponder. Original conspirator Gary Morrell remains at the helm for songwriting, guitar, and lead vocals; his voice has a sweet simplicity that allows his words to drift and scatter, defying gravity.

Home Town: 
Berkeley, CA