Ten Ton Chicken - Efitol CD

Ten Ton Chicken is back. It took many many years, finally Efitol is here! Tackling issues such as the right to say midget, the taboo love of one's second cousin, the right to elect a dope, as well as the right to be the pope, TTC has created an amazingly diverse CD of eleven wacky original songs. As the title says, Efitol.

Track List
1. Second Cousin listen
2. Efitol listen
3. It Cracked in Half listen
4. Minus Man listen
5. Tme "M" Word listen
6. No Chance listen
7. You've Got the Right to be the Pope listen
8. Busted Carousel listen
9. 'Cause Sandusky listen
10. Long Walk listen
11. On Enders Farm listen

Release date 02.02.2010