Quactus is not just another jamband!

The musical expedition embarked upon by Quactus, for their sophomore album, took the band on a mind bending expedition through time and space itself. “A Sense of We” takes a hard look at the core intention of music and art; “Bringing people together while expressing one’s true inner feelings.” The members of Quactus have channeled a higher consciousness through music with the aim of connecting the collective whole of humanity.

Different genres of music often represent different cultural beliefs and times in history. Quactus comfortably jumps from genre to genre in an effort to weave a harmonious tapestry of several textures and influences.

Quactus called upon Mike Mangan of Big Organ Trio, and Particle’s master of the keys, Steve Molitz to add Hammond B3 and keyboard accents to two of the albums tracks. Shortly before the release, Relix Magazine named the first track off the album, “At Ease,” as “Editor’s Pick of the Month.” in their April-May 2010 issue.

The album does not draw borders or separate what some may consider conflicting styles. The Los Angeles based jamband has taken it upon themselves to reunite what seems to be a musically divided world. To the band, a sense of ‘We’ is what we all celebrate when we come together and share in the enjoyment of music, a cultural phenomenon as primitive as it is relevant.

Mixing rock, funk, reggae, metal, dance, punk, Irish folk, Latin, and psychedelia, "A Sense of We" will transport you to a world where technical virtuosity and danceable grooves collide, proving that once you go quack, you’ll never go back!

Fans of Grateful Dead, Phish, Moe, Umphrey’s McGee, Particle, and ALO will love Quactus.

The album was released on July 20th, 2010, the anniversary of the 1969 Moon landing.

Home Town: 
Los Angeles, CA