Laura Reed & Deep Pocket

Laura Reed & Deep Pocket fill the stage with captivating, soul shaking, conscious music.
This music is visionary in it's strive to spread a message of empathy and love for humanity in the unconditional form of music and the raw reflection of the human condition. Laura states music as the most honest and pure expression in her life, a language that allows her to release "what I could never even admit to myself or say out lout, but can sing." When she sings you can feel her soul coming through the speakers, whether it's smooth R&B, funky reggae, or just down right SOUL MUSIC.

You will be hearing more about this petite siren and her tight band as they tour world-wide. They have also just been added to the lineup on the GREEN TRAIN. This is a concert and train tour featuring top musicians, actors, writers and artists traveling coast to coast to educate the public and enlist global support to help reverse the continued waste and destruction of our planet. Scheduled to depart from Portland in April 2009, The Green Train will pass through every geographic region in the USA during a six-week whistle stop tour finishing in Washington, DC. The Green Train is planning a trek in Europe in 2010 and a simultaneous train ride on each continent of the world in 2011. As The Green Train holds informational festivals and whistle stops throughout the nation, the public can meet the train in small town America, as well as the larger cities, to learn more and become involved. This will be huge not only as a musical event, but as a great step in the effort of enhancing environmental consciencess and awareness in the United States. Laura and the band are sure to be gaining much insight to inspire their music and performance from these upcoming events.
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