Laura Reed & Deep Pocket - Live at Tree Sound Studios (CD & DVD)

Tree Leaf Music is proud to announce Live at Tree Sound Studios by Laura Reed & Deep Pocket. The CD/DVD set is scheduled for release on October 28th, 2008.

This dynamic record was recorded on New Year's Eve 2007 and March 9th at Pandora's Premier Event for their Music Genome Project ( There are a total of five highly anticipated unreleased songs on this album as well as live versions of older favorites. Live at Tree Sound Studios features special guests Greg Hollowell and Derrick Johnson of Asheville Horns and Silas Durocher on guitar. The album was mixed by Paul Diaz and Wyatt Oates and mastered by Andrew Mendelson and Paul Whorley at Georgetown Masters. The DVD is a combination of live performances captured in the same session and footage from their 2008 touring adventures. The DVD was produced by Tree Leaf partner company TreeV Productions and includes road footage from LRDP's own Sam Katz (tour manager), music from DJ Kurfu, and graphics from Lear Bunda (Cartoon Network). This release marks the beginning of an exciting endeavor and well suited partnership between Tree Leaf Music and Laura Reed & Deep Pocket.

Disc 1 (Audio)
1. Why Have a Frown mp3 sample
2. Thank You mp3 sample
3. Praise You mp3 sample
4. Gotta Pay the Man mp3 sample
5. Well mp3 sample
6. Predictable mp3 sample
7. Don't Go mp3 sample
8. Happy mp3 sample
9. Not Enough
10. Forces at Play
11. Train

Disc 2 (Video)
1. Intro
2. Laura & Treeleaf Music
3. Well
4. One World
5. Forces at Play
6. Laura & Debrissa
7. Why Have a Frown
8. Ghostriding
9. Don't Go
10. Life on the Road
11. Train
12. Credits

Released October 28, 2008