Fiction 20 Down

"Fiction 20 Down is a delightful, upbeat, soothing rock fusion mix, with elements of hip-hop, reggae, and pure rock!"

Led by Jordan Lally's inspired lyrics and impassioned vocals & rhythm guitar, Justin Berdeguez's incomparable lead guitar , DJ Fritzges's reggae-induced bass, and Andre Toney's soulful, rock-steady drum work, Fiction 20 Down have come together to forge a truly original rock music brew that's rocking live audiences."If you want to see a great live band, Fiction 20 Down is where it's at!" ( The band has conquered nationally renowned stages up and down the East Coast and as far west as Ohio, opening for MTV acts like EVE 6 & Jimmie's Chicken Shack and national touring bands like Badfish & Groundation along the way. Fiction 20 Down has played college campuses from the University of Maryland to Framingham State in Massachusetts, as well as independent music showcases like the Millennium Music Conference in Harrisburg, PA (for which the band's song "Wind Me Down" was selected to appear on the MMC Compilation CD).

Beyond the stage, F20D (as fans affectionately call the band) has conquered the radio & television as well. In addition to live on-air performances and interviews on college, commercial and internet radio outlets, F20D is in rotation at upwards of 40 college radio stations from Buffalo's WBNY down to Savannah, GA's WRFS and is featured on internet radio giant Pandora. The band is in rotation on large regional commercial radio like Baltimore's famed WTMD 89.7FM & 98 ROCK FM and in addition, Fiction 20 Down's hit "Wake Up" was featured on XM Satellite Radio's "The Radar Report" for up and coming international artists! F20D has also made appearances on a variety of regional television shows from New York's "Poughkeepsie Live" to Delaware and New Jersey's "The Tim Qualls Show"!

To call Fiction 20 Down prolific songwriters would be an understatement to say the least. With the addition of the "Comfortable Fools" LP in 2009, Fiction 20 Down has now released three full-length albums in only two short years - all recorded & produced by F20D front man Jordan Lally out of his Reveler Recording Studio. praised the 2007 F20D debut "Down n' Out + Up n' Rising" as "one of those precious albums where all twelve tracks must be listened to before putting the CD away." Their follow-up album - 2008's "Welcome to the Grassroots" - was touted by Denmark's Glimmer of Whimsy music blog as "a pleasure to listen to" and "addictive," Suzie Mudd of Music Monthly added "I love it!" and Sam Sessa of the Baltimore Sun wrote simply, "[Fiction 20 Down] is good enough to be true." And how about the latest "Comfortable Fools" LP? says, "Fiction 20 Down creates well crafted songs with an infectious spirit and an impressive lyrical, effervescent quality" and adds "Fiction 20 Down merge rock and reggae like I have never heard before... they are the real deal and Comfortable Fools is one freshly cool LP."

In only two short years, Fiction 20 Down have amassed a rock resume most bands only aspire to: live shows up and down the East Coast with stops in some of the nation's premier live music venues and festivals; commercial, college & internet radio rotation; live radio interviews & performances; three full-length albums all garnering critical praise; and lastly, but most importantly, a loyal and ever-growing grassroots fan following. With all this behind them, Fiction 20 Down is only getting started. Be sure to check out F20D live on tour in a town near you and stay tuned for a brand new album due in 2010!  Find out for yourself why Fiction 20 Down is truly "an undeniable talent" (
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