Fiction 20 Down - Comfortable Fools CD

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Baltimore-based Fiction 20 Down "merge reggae and rock like I have never heard before!"- Dubbed "the very definition of laid back", continues, "[F20D] is a delightful, upbeat, soothing rock fusion mix, with elements of R&B, reggae, and pure rock!" From the soaring vocal harmonies and cello accompaniment on "Rock Bottom Blue" to the epic rock storytelling of "Honor Echoes" to the hip-hop vocal and drum n' bass in "Gossip & Gunplay", Fiction 20 Down's "Comfortable Fools" LP exemplifies versatility, originality, and "their undeniable talent" -

Track List:
1. Wind Me Down listen
2. Wake Up listen
3. Top n' Tails listen
4. Gossip & Gunplay listen
5. Gossip & Gunplay (ext.) listen
6. Oh Why Me? Oh... listen
7. Cornerstone listen
8. Rock Bottom Blue listen
9. The Common Sense listen
10. Honor Echoes listen
11. Away She Goes listen
12. Comfortable Fools listen