About Leeway's Home Grown Music Network

What is Leeway's Home Grown Music Network?

Leeway's Home Grown Music Network is people: independent bands, representatives, venues, stores, fans and people like you all working together to improve our world through good music!

How did it start?

The Home Grown Music Network was launched in early 1995 by Leeway Productions to help talented independent bands reach fans who are seeking fun, interesting & mind expanding music. "The kind of music I enjoyed but couldn't easily find on the radio or in stores." says fomer professional DJ and Leeway's founder, Lee Crumpton.

What do you do?

We improve your life by turning you onto and remaining your source for music that is breaking past existing boundaries. We are your best source for all the great music that doesn't fit neatly into any one category. You'll soon find thousands of great CDs, LPs, DVDs, Ts and other cool stuff in our mail order catalog and online store. We've sold well over a million CDs since inception. Also online - tens of thousands of digital downloads through our partner web sites! 

And the best part...

When you purchase from our company not only do you get great products and customer service - you are also helping the artists to survive and continue making more good music! We work as direct with the artists if possible and provide multiple resources and services that help them have more successful careers.

The artists! Click here for a convenient list of current HGMN bands.

Artist Services Click here for information about our resources and services available.

If there's a product you're looking for, but can't find in our store, email us. Help us improve by recommending bands and music you'd like to see us provide in the future.

Help Us

Our mission is to seek out the best music being made today and spread it across the universe. Making the world a kinder, better place! It's a community effort and we need your help.

The Home Grown Music Network is searching for Venues, Affiliates, and Reps to help make sure the kind music never stops. It's never been easier to join the team. You can apply online under any of the above categories. Below is a brief description of the ways you can help if you become a Home Grown Venue, Affiliate, or Rep. You may visit their pages for more information.

Find out how we evaluate bands and decide who to invite into the Home Grown Music Network by clicking here.


HOME GROWN REPS can be anyone who loves music and the ideas behind the Home Grown Music Network. We need fun, motivated, friendly people to help us spread the word about Home Grown. Being a Home Grown Rep is a great opportunity to get involved in the music industry, build your resume, learn about new bands, and be a part of the growing Home Grown movement.

Of course there are perks for being involved with the HGMN.
Click here to find out more.


The purpose of this program is to bring together the venues from around the country that recognize the consistent excellence of HGMN bands. We are helping build relationships between the venues, bands and reps. With everyone working together the scene will grow stronger - and we'll see more great bands at more kind venues!


The Affiliate Program is designed to spread the music while giving web site owners the ability to make money by linking to our store. You have the flexibility of adding links, search engines, your own virtual stores, or all three to connect to the Home Grown Music Network.

Social Networking

Help us spread the word by sharing content from this website with others via your favorite social networking site.  We've made it easy by including buttons to automattically post any story on sites like Google+, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and others.

Spreading the word

We are dedicated to spreading the world about our favorite bands to the far reaches of the planet! These are just a few ways we help get the word out:

  1. Home Grown CDs
  2. Home Grown Venues
  3. Home Grown Reps
  4. Concerts & festivals
  5. HomeGrownMusic.net
  6. FREE newsletters
  7. Online news groups
  8. Member services

Newsletters & Social Media

We've created several ways for you to stay informed about the Home Grown Music Network, new releases and special events and festivals. Depending on how much information you'd like to receive - we've created several options. Please choose the one that gives you the amount of information you'd like to receive.
The best part - it's all FREE!

  1. Dancing Tree Newsletter (reccommended) - Weekly newsletter that is HTML formatted. Our newsletter keeps you up to date regarding music news, new releases, network happenings and upcoming festivals & events. Click here to join.
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