Tim Reynolds & TR3 - Like Some Kind of Alien Invasion Vinyl (2LPs)


TR3, the versatile electric power trio, consisting of DMB guitar slinger and collaborator Tim Reynolds, bassist Mick Vaughn, and drummer Dan Martier, has long been known for bending genres and ripping through tunes every musical style, from blues, funk, progressive, psychedelic, jazz fusion, metal, and classic rock, with each song seemingly building off the one before it.  Two years in the making, Like Some Kind of Alien Invasion, their first major label album release, features 14 new original songs by Reynolds and further solidifies TR3 as a consistent rock band with wide-ranging influences.

Track List:

1. I.C.U. 
2. New Solutions 
3. Everything I Beleive In 
4. In the Zone
5. All Over the Place 
6. Stability 
7. Mystery Calling 
8. Dracula
9. Missile Coming At You 
10. Running From People 
11. The Glow 
12. Grania 
13. Something in the Air