Sublime - $5.00 at the Door (2LP)


Double LP. Live!

"We're not trying to write punk rock. We're not trying to write reggae. We're not trying to write ska," Sublime's Bradley Nowell told KROQ in 1995. "We're just trying to write a good song." They did exactly that--time and time again. "What I Got," "Santeria," "Wrong Way," and "Doin' Time" remain innovative staples from the '90s alternative boom. But they accomplished even more: In less than a decade within the national limelight, the laid-back Long Beach trio spawned an entire genre--fusing reggae grooves, punk grittiness, ska energy, back porch folk introspection, and hip-hop swagger. Decades after the tragic death of singer-songwriter Bradley Nowell, Sublime remain an institution: They've sold over 18 million albums to date; and their merchandise, emblazoned with the iconic sun logo, dominates sales at retailers like Target, Urban Outfitters, Spencer Gifts and Target. Most importantly, the music remains timeless--a rite of passage for misfit listeners who refuse to color within the lines of conventional genre.

Disc 1

Don't Push / Right Back / New Thrash

Work That We Do

40oz. To Freedom

House Of Suffering


Leaving Babylon

Prison Oval Rock

We're Only Gonna Die For Our Arrogance

Let's Go Get Stoned

Pool Shark


I'm Not a Loser

Disc 2

Scarlet Begonias

Loving / Good Hole College

Cost of Living


Saw Red

Jah Is My Light / Greatest Hits


54-46 That's My Number

Date Rape


Youth Are Getting Restless

Romantic Girl / Winner Takes All


Slow Ride


Release date 04.21.23


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