Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real - Sticks & Stones LP


This self-produced, honest and emotional new album highlights Nelson's strength as a songwriter and the band's uncompromising commitment to clarity, compassionate tones, and exceptional melodic moments. Lyrically, Sticks and Stones spans the themes of Drinking, Heartbreak, Love, Lying, Hope, Nature, Self-Reflection, Work-Life Balance, Settling Down, Home, Time, Longing and more.

1 Sticks and Stones

2 Alcohallelujah

3 Every Time I Drink

4 More Than Friends

5 Ladder of Love

6 Wrong House

7 Icarus

8 If I Didn't Love You

9 Overpass

10 Lying

11 All Four Winds

12 The View

Release date 07.14.2023