Keller Williams & String Cheese Incident - Breathe (2LP)


"From the Spring of 1997 to the summer of 1999 I had opened up for the String Cheese Incident many time all over the country. By this time, they had established their record label Sci Fidelity Records and so I hit them up to see if they wanted to do a record with me and put it out on their label. They said yes. I remember a very hot February afternoon in Key West Florida, sitting in my RV which was parked at Leo's Campground and recording demo's onto cassette tape. I then mailed that cassette tape to the band in hopes that they would distribute it amongst themselves, which they did. It was a some point that summer that I went to Denver to record this record. It took one week at Colorado Sound to be completed. A lot of those songs still show up in my setlists today and SCI continues to put my song "Best Feeling" in their live show rotation. I am very proud of this record and I feel like I captured a certain era of String Cheese Incident with this album." -Kw

Release date 09.20.2019